How Blockchain Can Change the Music Industry


Blockchain is best known as the technology underlying bitcoin, but its uses are increasingly under consideration by the music industry. The technology creates a decentralized, trusted ledger which its advocates in the music industry say could create transparency and immediate royalty payments directly from fans to music creators. Get the inside story in this panel discussion on what the blockchain is, and hear about opportunities and future applications from experts coming from a different end of the music industry.

• Joe Conyers III, VP Technology, Downtown Music Publishing (USA)
• Bruno Guez, Founder & CEO, Revelator (Israel)
• Vinay Gupta, Release Coordinator & General Strategist, Ethereum (Switzerland)
• Imogen Heap, Singer & Songwriter (UK)
• Benji Rogers, Founder & CEO, Pledge Music (USA)

• Allen Bargfrede, Executive Director of Rethink Music, Berklee College of Music (USA)

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