Streaming Services Come of Age: What is the future of music streaming?


Napster came on the scene roughly 18 years ago, in 1999, and since then streaming services have consistently evolved to answer the growing music consumption. Now, what’s the future of music streaming?

This session explores the future of music streaming, the next generation of Music Services, the importance of curation, recommendation, playlists and genre-specific platforms. For subscription services to flourish, they have to continually improve and evolve. Why? Because the fans want even more!

• Virginie Berger, CEO, Armonia (France)
• Darryl Ballantyne, CEO, Lyricfind (Canada)
• Vincent Favrat, CEO, Musimap (Germany)
• Rishi Mirchandani, Director, Content Acquisition, Amazon Music (USA)
• Malcolm Ouzeri, Head of Marketing, Qobuz (France)

• Ted Cohen, ‎Managing Partner, Tag Strategic (USA)

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