Streaming Services: the New A&Rs?


Playlists are the lifeblood of most music streaming services. Since every major streaming service offers more or less the same millions of songs, gaining subscribers is about packaging, not inventory. Playlists aren’t only birthing stars, they’re the fusion reactors making stars shine brighter. Let’s discuss on how playlist professionals have replaced radio DJs as the new power brokers, as streaming services’ ready-made song lists become hitmakers.

• Pete Downton, Deputy CEO, 7digital (UK)
• Oscar Höglund, Co-Founder and CEO, Epidemic Sound (Sweden)
• Patrik Larsson, A&R and Label Manager, Playground Music Scandinavia (Sweden)
• Thaddeus Rudd, Co-President, Mom + Pop Music (USA)

• Lara Baker, Music Business Consultant, (UK)

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