In times where live music is significantly disrupted, stream rates alone are often not enough to avoid financial hardship for artists. The music industry (the live side, in particular) will have to seek innovative ways of moving forward.

E-sports and gaming more broadly provide a handy lifeline – be it in the form of digital performances, celebrity appearances, digital festivals or direct interaction with audiences.

On the other side, esports could use the help of music’s cultural power to attract increasing brand budgets, as well as to help ramp up the value of its growing media rights opportunity.

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This exclusive white paper brought to you by Midem and Esports BAR in collaboration with MIDiA Research is called The Sound of Music in Sync with Esports and will explore what the music and esports businesses have to offer today’s digitally-centric entertainment consumers.

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Esports is forecast to generate US$1.1bn globally in 2020, a healthy 15.7% jump from the previous year, says Newzoo, the gaming-sector research specialist.

While professional esports is a very young commercial digital-first industry, the music industry, on the other hand, is as old as the hills.

The very digital technology that has made esports a hit among young Millennial and Gen Z consumers today almost decimated the recorded-music business in the late 1990s as pirates stole and fans shared copyrighted music online without legal permission. Thanks to a more robust version of the same tech in the form of streaming, the global recorded-music sector has grown during the past five consecutive years.

The music industry would love to cement its current growth rate by appealing to esports young fans, a demographic that is known to avoid traditional forms of entertainment.


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This exclusive white paper brought to you by Esports BAR and Midem in collaboration with MIDiA Research is called The Sound of Music in Sync with Esports. It will explore:

1. Introduction

2. The Music Industry Will Love Esports’s Highly Engaged Fans

3. Music and Esports: A Marriage Made in Spectators’ Heaven

4. Music Investors in Esports

5. New Business Opportunities: What Can Music and Esports Learn from Each Other

  • Esports’s strengths
  • Music’s strengths

6. Music and Esports: Interesting Milestones


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