Make It in the Music Business: Go Global


“The only way you can build big numbers is by being global, but the only way you can be global is to do something hyperlocal first and build from that.” Scott Cohen, Founder & VP International, The Orchard, UK

In this inspiring video featuring industry experts sharing their insights on the global world of music, find out why having this twin-track approach simultaneously is now essential to catch new opportunities and compete in today’s music industry.

– Scott Cohen, Founder & VP International, The Orchard, UK
– Peter Borchers, Founder & Head of hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
– Molly Neuman, Head of Music, Kickstarter, USA
– Pete Downton, Deputy CEO, 7digital, UK
– Tim Miles, Director of Synchronisation, Warner Music, UK
– Amos Biegun, Managing Director, Vistex, UK
– Romain Amblard, Accelaration Director, NUMA, France
– Jean-Noël Tronc, CEO, Sacem, France

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