Believe’s CEO Denis Ladegaillerie shares his thoughts on the impact indie artists expansion will have on the power balance within the music industry.

One of the leading players of the music industry at global level, Believe is the specialist in both distribution and services for independent artists and labels. Believe owns DIY platform TuneCore and works with its own family of labels, including All Points, Nuclear Blast, Naïve and Tôt ou tard. Discover its CEO Denis Ladegaillerie ‘s vision about the future of music business.

As we go through an unprecedented period with Covid-19, its CEO Denis Ladegaillerie discusses, in an exclusive keynote interview with Tim Ingham from Music Business Worldwide, the future of the music industry. Denis Ladegaillerie shares his vision on how we can reinvent our business for artists to thrive in this new uncertain context. And looks at the next evolution of the industry: the rise of independent artists and the switch to a partnership-based model between music companies and talents.

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With dual academic education in Business Law and Management (Paris School of Management ESCP, Master of Law at Duke University North Carolina), Denis Ladegaillerie passed the New York Bar in 1997. He started his career as Business Lawyer at Shearman & Sterling where he practiced from 1997 to 2000. He joined the financial department of Vivendi at the beginning of 2000 to take care of the restructuring of the portfolio of companies in the internet sector of the group.

He then managed the internet and new media activities for Vivendi Universal in the United States as Chief Strategy and Financial Officer for two years and a half. There, he managed the restructuring and development of the first digital music service (eMusic), the first music social networking site (, the leading mobile media distributor (Moviso / Infospace Mobile), as well as

In 2005, he returned to France and founded Believe, which is today a leading global digital music distribution and service provider for independent artists and labels with more than 1,200 employees in 44 countries. Believe is part of the Next40 and recently won the Europe Allstar 2019 Company of the Year and the Grand Prix of France 2020 Future Unicorns.


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Here’s a selection of the most insightful quotes or anecdotes from his talk:

“For 2010 to 2020 the headline was the rise of streaming. 2020 to 2030, I think the headline is going to be the rise of local independent artists.”


“If you take the top 200 most streamed artists across most markets around the world right now, they’re not top stars, they’re very very big local artists. Local language plays a key role, but this is really the switch from what I would say a pop-music centric model that favoured the build-up of global stars to an artist-centric model that favors local artists and diversity.”


“Building up eye to eye, respectful and partnership relationships with artists, building an expertise on what it takes to build an artists’ career in the digital world and building the technology backbone that allows you to have a great understanding of what’s happening in the market: these are the key factors of success in the market of tomorrow.”

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