Blockchain & Copyright


Blockchain seems to be the tool that has the answers to all the music industry’s problems: creating a fair trade standard for music, thanks to greater transparency and efficiency. The question is now to define the business model in which it can be integrated.

This Midem conference explores what blockchain can concretely do for the music business and how it can be concretely integrated and used by both the right-owners and the DSPs (Digital Service Providers) alike.

• Sophie Goossens, Attorney at Law, Sophie Goossens Avocat (France)

• Benjamin Bailer, President, Bailer Music Publishing (Germany)
• Xavier Costaz, Director of Project and Innovation, Sacem (France)
• Vaughn McKenzie, Founder & CEO, JAAK (UK)
• Carlotta de Ninni, Head of Research, Mycelia (UK)
• Benji Rodgers, Co-Founder, Dot Blockchain Music (USA)

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