Best Practices in Digital Marketing


At a time when the audience’s attention is a scarcest good in the music industry, standing out from the crowd thanks to powerful and memorable digital marketing campaigns is more than ever the key to staying relevant. From making the most out of digital tools to partnering up with streaming platforms and building a promotional strategy around a release, there are a thousand exciting ways to market a release or tour. Make sure to attend this session and hear your peers’ share their insight experience on sNgome of this year’s most successful campaigns.

• Carl-Marcus Gidlöf, Managing Partner, Despotz Records (Sweden)
• Romy Harber, Label Manager & Head Of Digital, Hospital Records (UK)
• Michel Rojo, Digital & Publishing Manager, Rock Estatal Records / The Music Company (Spain)

• Nikoo Sadr, Interactive Marketing Manager, The Orchard (UK)

Want to know how became a Digital Player in the Music Business? Attend Midem!

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