New-tech developments, from social media to YouTube, have enabled Artists and Label Services to help recording artists gain control of their distribution strategies and marketing services, their creativity and copyrights. These services comprise a new generation of specialists in the global music community who empower creators to fulfil their ambitions by treating them as equal business partners.

With MIDiA Research estimating that such artist-direct releases generated a significant US$821m in 2019, there is a new way of doing music business internationally.

All this is analysed in Midem’s new exclusive White Paper called Artist and Label Services: How Technology is Energising An Artists-First Global Business.


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Artists and label services: a game-changer for artists

The Artist and Label Services sector is the new competitive player in the global music-industry arena, and it looks set to overhaul the state of the business in the 2020s.

As a business model, it is responding to a new reality that places the content creator right bang in the centre of a music company’s strategy. The creator (the singer-songwriter, the composer, the performer), signed to a label or unsigned, is treated as an equal partner consulted at every stage of the business plan.

The game-changing catalysts have been the Internet, high-speed broadband, social media, influential global streaming platforms, and smartphones.

However, while empowering the creators to do their own thing, these technologies also showed artists the real hard work that goes into fulfilling big or small ambitions in music business.


A custom-made level of service for artists

Enter the new generation of specialists known as Artists and Label Services. They use these almost consumer-friendly digital tools, from easy ones like YouTube uploads to complex features like algorithms, on behalf of the artists and on the artists’ terms.

Artist and Label Services like AWAL, The Orchard, Kartel Music Group as well as Believe Digital and its subsidiary TuneCore were initially positioned as digital-distribution experts. But they have expanded their remit to give artists a host of other relevant and bespoke aids. Each artist can pick and mix elements that suit them and, crucially, they can hold on to their masters and other copyright.


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A steady growth for music revenues

According to reported MiDIA Research estimates, such artists-first and related label services generated US$1.58bn in 2018, a significant sum that effectively did not exist a decade ago and is forecast to grow. This is taking place as trade organisation IFPI reports that the global recorded-music revenues jumped 9.7% to US$19bn in 2018, the fourth consecutive year of growth.


In this Midem White Paper called Artist and Label Services: How Technology Is Energising an Artists-First Global Business, we examine this phenomenon’s contribution to the industry’s resurgence:


1.Introduction to Artist and Label Services

2.Artist and Label Services – The players in the Field

3.Artists-Direct Superstars – The Gallery

4.Pure Play Labels Enter the Field

  • The Major labels
  • The Independent labels

5. The Experts speak

  • Paul Hitchman – AWAL
  • Marie-Anne Robert – Believe
  • Dominique Casimir – BMG
  • Justin Kalifowitz – Downtown Music Holdings
  • Kerry Trainor – Sound Cloud
  • Jennifer Masset – Spotify

6. Midem Artist and Label Services Forum


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