Amber Grimes & Nicole Wyskoarko share their vision on how gender equality and diversity have become central in the music business today.

Amber Grimes, SVP Global Creative at Capitol/Universal, and Nicole Wyskoarko, EVP of Urban Operations at Interscope/Universal, open up on their experience navigating the male-dominated music industry over the years.

Addressing topics including the current Black Lives Matters protests following the killing of George Floyd, Amber Grimes & Nicole Wyskoarko debate on the music industry’s response and exchange their vision about why is gender diversity important in the industry. They also share their views on mentoring and advices for young people looking to break into the music industry.

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Capitol’s SVP Global Creative Amber Grimes is paving the way for young females aspiring to thrive in the entertainment business. Grimes, who has served as the right hand to industry giants such as Nick Cannon, Bu Thiam, Mike Will Made It and Akon, is well known and respected in the music business by artists, executives and influencers alike.

As EVP of Urban Operations at Interscope Geffen A&M, Nicole Wyskoarko manages the label’s red-hot A&R team, keeping projects on track and troubleshooting problems across the urban roster of the company at a time when hip hop is dominating the charts.


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Here’s a selection of the most insightful quotes or anecdotes from their talk:

“A lot of people are getting a better idea of how it feels, because being Black has always felt like Covid-19. It has not really ever been safe for Black people to be outside… I hope that people can understand as much as possible. I don’t think that anyone will ever understand what it’s like to be Black in America unless they are, but I appreciate everyone who’s taking the time to understand, or who doesn’t have a choice but to understand now.” Amber Grimes


“You have situations where you need to have the perspective of a woman, you need to have the perspective of someone of color to speak to the direction you wanna take, and that’s incredibly important in the music industry.” Nicole Wyskoarko


“I have learned so much from my white counterparts, from my Jewish friends, from my lawyer friends, from a bunch of people that I’ve been open and honest with, and that were willing to share with me. So I think you should cast a wide net when you’re looking for mentors, and just look for information. Information is what helped me.” Amber Grimes

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