Midem Music Pulse – Strategies to Become a Successful Hip-Hop Artist

Every successful hip-hop artist follows its own way on the road to success. But some tips from worldwide expersts might help you.

Midem Music Pulse helps you understand the main challenges and key trends shaping the future of the international music business via exclusive content from the Midem conference programme.

Every month, Midem conference team offers you a curated eye on Midem conference programme, to discover insightful business tips, key facts and global strategies on vibrant topics of the music industry.

Discover 5 exclusive tips to become a successful hip-hop artist!

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1. China: Export first

 “It was kind of a reverse strategy. Usually the sort of linear ways that you get really big in your own country and then you get exported out of it. Our (88rising) strategy was to break artist in the West, legitimize them and take them back to their home country when they’d already be known to be huge because they’ve just made it in the West.”Reggie Ba-Pe, Partner, Club Media (China), ex General Manager, 88rising (China)

This quote is excerpted from Midem 2019 “Chinese Hip-Hop Goes Mainstream” conference. This panel discussion unveils how, since 2017, China’s hip-hop world has become a many-headed beast: a complex interplay between censorship, commercialisation and authenticity, all against the backdrop of high-stakes investment.

2. India: Localise your songs

“When I made my first Hindi hip-hop song is when I connected to the people. Everyone understood me because it was the local language and the local slang that we use in Bombay […] and I think that is what changed the game, as we started using our own language.”DIVINE, Artist & Founder, Gully Gang Entertainment (India)

This quote is excerpted from Midem 2019 “Mainstream vs Underground Hip-Hop in India: a Talk with DIVINE” conference. This panel discussion unveils why today’s Indian music industry is increasingly about the explosive growth of regional sounds and myriad non-film genres, as a new, young, digital audience is getting to decide its music tastes for itself.

3. USA: Build your own brand

“I have been in the game for 15 years. Coming in I didn’t know anything, I was just Lil Wayne best friend graduating from college […] but even with me knowing anything about the business, I knew it was important that I built his brand from day one.”Cortez Bryant, Co-CEO, Blueprint Group (USA)

This quote is excerpted from Midem 2019 “Charge It to the Game: a Talk with Cortez Bryant & Matt Ferrigno” conference. This panel discussion unveils what goes into creating meaningful brand partnerships with the biggest rappers in the world, from Super Bowl TV commercials to signature clothing lines. As the hip-hop genre continues to grow, what does that mean for brand deals and what are artists looking for?

4. Belgium: Find the right partner

“Back in 2017, I made my company with my partner Nico called Just Woke Up […] and it was important for us to have big companies such as Warner and REC118 showing a lot of love and interest in my music, my project and my vision.”Hamza, Artist, Just Woke Up (Belgium)

This quote is excerpted from Midem 2019 “Mixing Artistic Excellence & Mainstream: a Talk with Hamza” conference. This panel discussion unveils the journey of successful hip-hop artist Hamza, his meticulous planning and his ambitious drive to achieve his goals as an artist and entrepreneur.

5. USA: Leverage nightlife spots

“We have a strip club scene in Atlanta, I don’t know if there’s a strip club scene in Cannes, but these clubs played a very important role in the way music was broke. […] Music directors would frequent these clubs to find out what’s the next new hot thing.”Rico Brooks, CEO & Talent Manager, Adella Thomas Management (USA)

This quote is excerpted from Midem 2019 “Atlanta: 30 Years & Running as the Hip-Hop Capitol of the World” conference. This panel discussion unveils how Atlanta, the city of hip-hop music and culture, became so influential and how it has maintained its dominance in hip-hop music.


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