Four to the Floor: Celebrating 20 Years of Techno Parade


The Techno Parade was born in 1998, within the electronic music stigmatisation era, under Jack Lang’s drive, who wanted to reproduce the German Love Parade model in France.

20 years later, nearly 5 000 000 people, 2000 artists, 300 floats and 3000 volunteers were marching the streets of Paris, generating nearly 2100 hours of electronic music, in order to make institutions and the general public recognise and accept electronic music.

Nowadays, electronic music have become an essential part of the French culture, thanks amongst others, to the Techno Parade.

Antoine Baduel – President of FG; DJ radio: Joachim Garreau – famous French Touch artist; and Tommy Vaudecrane – Technopol President, will come back on the epic journey of one of the biggest electronic music gatherings in France, and talk about the challenges it will face in the next 20 years.

• Antoine Baduel, CEO, Radio FG (France)
• Joachim Garraud, Artist (France)
• Deborah Hazotte, President/Production Director, Dream Nation/Techno Parade (France)
• Tommy Vaudecrane, President, Technopol (France)

• Jean-Paul Deniaud, Chief Editor, Trax (France)

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