Midem Music Sessions – DJ White Shadow shares tips on music producing

Playing all over the world, DJ White Shadow was invited by corporate clients like Louis Vuitton, Google or Nike to get their events popping. Even President Obama’s campaign knew that DJWS was the right guy to make its supporters move…

As producer, DJ White Shadow naturally chose to diversify its art with versatility of songs and through diversifying its collaboration from soul artists to hip-hop artists.

Music producer and hit maker, DJ White Shadow did not grow up in an environment that typically breeds musicians. From a farm in Ohio to Motor City USA, DJ White Shadow was surrounded by country music and KISS anthems.

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At the age of 17, DJ White Shadow found himself in Japan with the DJ booth. Upon his return from Japan, he continued to sharpen skills and define his own sound as an artist. Playing countless parties, bars and events, DJ White Shadow eventually became a sought after DJ in and outside of Detroit.

Setting up base in Chicago, DJ White Shadow created residencies in some of the Second City’s best clubs spinning his own brand of dance, hip-hop and house. DJWS was invited to play all over the world.

In 2010, Lady Gaga discovered what many had already known: DJ White Shadow knows how to make people dance. Hand picking him to contribute to her third album, Born This Way, DJ White Shadow left the booth for Gaga’s production studio. After nearly a year of writing, producing, editing and touring with Gaga, DJWS was credited as a producer and writer of nine of the twelve tracks on a number one album in the world, “Born This Way”.

DJWS’s role was elevated to Executive Producer status on Gaga’s latest creation, “ArtPop”, where he was involved in every element of the album including producing and writing 11 of its tracks. With the success of ArtPop’s first two singles, DJWS solidified his status as a certified hit maker in the music industry.

What is Midem Music Sessions about?

Midem Music Sessions consists of a series of discussions and insights that will take you deep into the music production process. From music producers and accomplished songwriters sharing their experience on music creation, to some of the most talented international singers playing live during our Midem Studio Sessions, get a glimpse into the process of modern music creation.

This Midem Music Session was recorded by Dynaudio at Midem 2019.

Here’s a selection of the most insightful quotes or anecdotes from his talk:

Lady Gaga was going on her first stadium tour and a long story short is that I ended up doing the music for the interludes of the tour and then we went on to work on the Born This Way album together.[…] Her creative director Matthews Williams was at a club I was DJing at and then asked me about the music and the rest is history!


All artists that I’m picking or choosing to work with are all self-produced artists up to this point which I find to be really cool for somebody because my goal as a producer is not necessarily about putting your stamp on somebody else’s stuff. Sometimes that works if you’re a producer that is known for a sound, that’s a great thing to have, a route to take. But for me the reason why I like production is to try and help somebody fulfill the vision for their record as an artist just to level up what they do. That’s my style of production.


Everybody’s got their own style, for me, the way I see production is like the plate you serve the food on. Like in the 70s you wouldn’t bring out a square plate, that wasn’t in fashion but if you go to a fancy restaurant now, they give it to you on a square plate or whatever the trend is at the time. The production is just taking a song that’s good and presenting it so the people understand what it is during the timeframe.



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