Dave Rowntree on his Outstanding Artistic Journey, Being Part of the Britpop Legend

Follow the path of Dave Rowntree long-term career and learn tips from a globally renowned artist.

Dave Rowntree, drummer with the famous British rock band Blur (led by Damon Albarn), is also songwriter and composer for film & TV. Rowntree is member of the Featured Artist Coalition as well as board member of the International Artist Organisation.

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Here’s a selection of the most insightful quotes or anecdotes from his talk:

“I was desperate; I just wanted to be a star. I thought if I could just get a record deal, just be signed to a label, then I could be happy, I’d be on, I’d be a professional musician, I’d be a part of it all. So we signed, and nothing. Then obviously we could release a record. So we released a single. Then it was the album. Then, it’s got to be a hit. And the album is a hit. Not just one album, it has to be a string of albums… by the time we had our third or fourth album, I’m going mental, because it is clear that none of this stuff is going to fill the hole in my life at all and I had no plan B. I just assumed that was going to work! And that was the time when the wheel started to fall off.”

“The chemistry involved in a band is crucial. It’s a people thing rather than a music thing.”

“Songwriting is pretty much Damon Albarn’s life! When we were on tour and we go home after the sound check and there’s that dreadful 4-hour wait before you go back to the theater, Damon would have written two songs in that time. He goes home in the evening after spending all day in the studio and writes a couple of songs in the cellar of his house. He is properly motivated to write songs. So when people say he’s a Songwriting genius, which I think he is. That’s because that’s what he does. For the 500 songs he has written, two or three of those will go on the next album and they are fucking amazing, and he’s just doing that constantly! I could see the steely-eyed determination in his demeanor.”


“We all fight for the artist voice to be front and center in all of the changes (the music industry is facing) and all the negotiations that go with it and I think that’s absolutely key”



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