There’s nothing more amazing than a crowd jumping and screaming in front of us, but when it comes to breaking the distance barrier, technology is an important value” – Acido Pantera, Artist, Colombia.

It goes without saying that we all miss the thrill of live concerts in packed venues and at festivals. An entire industry, the artist community and their fans are eagerly waiting for live concerts to resume. Moving forward through this unprecedented global pandemic, the future may not, however, involve a return to ‘normal’.

A new normal is being bootstrapped and co-created as we speak by artists, consumers, start-ups, platforms and the whole music ecosystem, with livestreaming and virtual live experiences playing a key role.

In this exclusive interview, part of the exclusive Midem whitepaper named Livestream and Virtual Live Experience: Exploring the New Frontier of Live Music, discover Acido Pantera, the new vibe of the Colombian electronic music scene and, read more about his vision and insights.

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> As an Artist, how do you approach the production of a livestream / virtual live experience from a creative perspective?

Juan Correal aka “Juan Por Dios”: I think an important side of the making online events is that you can handle the environment where the people is having the experience so even if you’re talking about a home theater or you talking about virtual reality, computer or cellphone screen is that you can take care of every aspect that is  involved such as audio, visual, live experience such being able to talk to the artist, being able to have a peek of the reality the artist is living, in a lot of ways it’s a very innovative format with no geographic limits.

> According to you, what are the key features of a virtual live experience that resonate the most with your fans and make them willing to pay for it? What is still missing and should be developed with the help of cutting-edge technologies?

Acido Pantera: Real live events, not pre-recorded. YouTube is full of pre-recorded events, but, real life feeling it’s a groundbreaker, such as NBA’s audience that’s connected via zoom. Having the audience being able to decide which is the next song, being able to chat with the community that is connected at the moment, also if we break into VR you can actually be inside the stage, take a closer look to the musicians, having 360 sound experience…  when music meets technology possibilities are limitless.

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> Do you see Virtual Live Experience as a sustainable model in the near future?

Acido Pantera: We think, there’s nothing as amazing as a crowd jumping a screaming in front of us. But when it comes to break the distance barrier, in which I can connect to the next Chemical Brothers concert in Japan, from my couch in Bogota, there’s an important value. Maybe home Technology would improve for better sound systems, holographic situations, normalization of the VR experience, also bringing home other kinds of content such as interactive movies or Ted talks.

Juanpordios our lead singer has an remarkable content created during quarantine called “La Perreandanga”, this format is called Zoom Party  (every Friday night at Colombian time), which is pretty popular nowadays, but his twist is to generate interaction with his audience that goes up to 400 people, cheering with them, and inviting artists to release their new music on IT, so first you are having fun with your internet crew, but then Residente or Chocquibtown connects to the zoom and Juan makes a quick interview, so out of nowhere you are on the same Zoom meeting with a superstar, getting to know his real life and enjoying the party together… as we mentioned before, possibilities are limitless.

On mobile, download the full whitepaper at the bottom of the page 


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