Midem Music Pulse – Strategies to Find the Right Target Audience for Artists

In an era where digital is king, artists must establish music marketing strategies to find their own target audience. How to build a fanbase from scratch? How to promote your music on digital tools? How to engage fans on social media? Here are five strategies you can adopt!

Midem Music Pulse helps you understand the main challenges and key trends shaping the future of the international music business via exclusive content from the Midem conference programme.

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Discover 5 exclusive music strategies to find your target audience!

1. ‘One-to-One’ dynamic

“A one-to-one relationship is where it’s moving to. […] This year is definitely going to be the year when people will move more to private, end-to-end, encrypted relationships.”Tim Heineke, Founder, I AM POP (Netherlands)

2. Analyse data

“For him (Marshmello), we actually look at his music data where his music his trending and then, when he makes his videos he tries to hit those target demographics.”Jonathan Strauss, CEO & Founder, Create Music Group (USA)

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3. Do it with passion

If you see they (artists) are passionate about it (social media), of course the marketing is gonna drive the discussion going there, because you know they’re already passionate about those platforms themselves. […] You have to be passionate; we can’t do it for them.”Patrik Larsson, A&R & Label Manager, Playground Music Scandinavia (Sweden)

These three quotes are excerpted from Midem 2019 “Flexibility is Everything in the Modern Music Strategy Campaign” conference. This panel discussion unveils what are the best flexible music-marketing strategies to adopt to find the perfect target audience for artists. How long is the average music-marketing campaign? How is budget apportioned to it? The answer to both questions is ‘it depends’ – and what it often depends on are events during the campaign itself, that can be anticipated and prepared for, but never guaranteed. Songs can suddenly spike on one or more streaming services despite not being the intended single; an artist can do something on their own that makes waves – of the positive or negative kind; opportunities can arise for quickfire partnerships or pieces of content that weren’t planned for at the outset. This and more in this exclusive conference video.

4. Use the right platform

“It’s finding the core demographic and using the proper platform to reach them (audience). Knowing that younger kids are looking at TikTok, if I want to take a song and want to see what’s trending, I’m going to do a TikTok campaign”Erica Forster, VP Music Partnerships, Collab (USA)

5. Work with influencers

“Now there’s been obviously a huge shift where we still do some TV advertising, although it’s a little bit less, the same with print advertising, and a lot of it has moved online and it’s a combination of traditional advertising […] to using influencers as your, quote – unquote, advertising.” – Nicole Bilzerian, Head of Urban Marketing, Interscope (USA)

These two quotes are excerpted from Midem 2019 “Why Having a Multi-Channel Strategy is Important?” conference. This panel discussion unveils how multichannel has become omnipresent in everyone’s daily lives. When was the last time you watched TV or listened to Music without also checking out social media or other apps on your phone? It’s no longer enough for consumers to consume one mode of entertainment. We need a constant multi-platform experience to feel engaged and satisfied. This conference analyses this trend that has been growing consistently every year, and how artists can make an advantage of it to find their target audience.


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